Social Media Doesn't Care About Your Body or Your Feelings

Okay, if we’re being honest with ourselves, we all enjoy attention. Some people are “Attention Whores”, but everyone enjoys recognition.

Fortunately, thanks to social media, you can receive INSTANT GRATIFICATION with just a simple post. Who’s here for the double taps?!

To get down to business though, don’t be fooled by all the progress pics of people sucking in their stomachs, changing the angles of their progress pictures, and adjusting the lighting. FOMO is a real thing in 2018 and it is no less prevalent than in health & fitness on social media. Just know, you have plenty of time to get in shape (as long as you start), don't feel rushed because others look fit.

Now, don’t get me wrong, seeing a picture of a person who has a body you admire can totally be motivation to get in shape. As recent as 2014 however, according to the CDC, the percent of adults aged 20 and over that are considered overweight, including obesity, is a staggering 70.7%!!! Equally as alarming is that the percent of kids 10-17 that are overweight or obese is 31.2% according to a 2016 study by the Data Resource Center for Child and Adolescent Health. Now, even if that’s a 10-20% room for error, which is unlikely, what that means is no less than half the United States adults are overweight or obese.

Also, as an unrelated but related number for this topic, Instagram has just passed the 1 Billion monthly active users worldwide threshold this past June. About 100 million of those are from the US alone.

Using some simple math however, this means that more than half of the monthly Instagram users are either overweight or obese, still.

This has all been stated to highlight the fact that if you were to follow certain people or accounts on Instagram and social media, it would be easy to believe that you could lose the weight you want by either following a specific 21 day workout challenge, fat loss tea or supplement, or by eating all the junk food you want. They rarely do work and the results achieved from them are only temporary for the vast majority.

But alas, these types of challenges, products, and marketing ploys always work, and we fall for it all the time. But why?

Well, it’s pretty simple, YOU CARE.

If you didn’t care about what you looked or felt like, would you buy organic over non-organic?
What about that new protein powder your friend said works the best?
What about that “Fat Loss Pill” that helps boost metabolism and give you energy?
How about that gym outfit you’ve been wanting that matches your shoes perfectly?
Why do you grill your chicken instead of fry it?
Why do we sometimes feel bad eating anything that’s not a salad?
And why do we follow certain people or accounts that promote health and fitness?

What’s worst of all, is that social media doesn’t care about you, you care about Social Media, because you care about the way you look. And you always will.

So because of this, what is a person to do? No worries, I’ve laid out 5 things to keep in mind when using social media:

1.     Understand that the amount of people promoting themselves on Social Media are usually using some kind of gimmick, photoshop, lighting or wardrobe trick, have had plastic surgery, and are just trying to keep up a persona.

2.     Don’t think that someone is confident just because they post pictures of themselves with their shirts off, showing off their butt, etc. In fact, they are most likely more insecure then you are because of the “pressure” of keeping up a social media persona.

3.     Search for the answers from yourself first, then seek education or motivation elsewhere. A lot can be fabricated online, but as long as you don’t lie to yourself, you’ll always be in position to win. Do you really need someone to remind you that drinking a bottle of wine every night isn’t ideal?

4.     Use social media to keep you accountable. Only follow other fitness accounts because you can learn from them and they inspire you. Not because someone looks like how you want to. We all know, never judge a book by its cover after all.

5.     Post pictures of yourself and your journey. Seriously, you’ll inspire more friends and people than you think. It’ll help keep you accountable, but when someone else shows their support for you that’s a gift.

Remember, only you can make yourself feel better or worse. So if you’re going to be all up in your feelings, make it so you’re so excited about what and who you’re becoming!

Reach out if you need anything!