Fix Your Body

As the first of several Health Professionals coming on to give you their best knowledge, education, and expertise, let me introduce you to my good friend Jamey Conley.


Pt. 1
Pain & Tightness

Jamey breaks down the muscle in your neck that are most commonly irritated, how to test your neck mobility and what to look for.

Pt. 2 - How to Correct Neck Tightness

The best stretch and self massage technique to correct your tight neck muscles.

Pt. 3 -  Correct Neck Tightness cont.

The best stretch to do for neck relief.

Shoulders & Back

Pt. 1
How the Muscles Work

Jamey explains what muscles in your shoulder contribute to the most mobility problems, how the muscles work, and what causes common injuries.

 Pt. 4 - Stretch/Exercise for Shoulder/Back

This technique works wonders for prepping your shoulder and back for heavy exercises as well as stretching your Lats.

Pt. 2 -
How to Test Mobility

How to test how much shoulder and back mobility you have.

Pt. 5 - Best Stretch for Shoulders & Back to Increase Mobility

These next two stretches are great to do as part of your warm-up to increase mobility before you begin, or just any time fo day.

Pt. 3 - Breathing/Stretch

The best breathing & stretch technique to do before exercise for you shoulders and upper back.

Pt. 6 - Best Exercise to Increase ROM in T-Spine

This next exercise should be done to increase strength and Range-of-Motion in your T-Spine, aka Thoracic Back, aka Upper Back.

 Glutes, Hips, & Lower Back


Pt. 1 - How to Test your Glute/Hip Mobility & Strength

All these muscles are connected. Here you'll learn what contributes to the most common knee injuries, how to test yourself, and how to asses your own glute/hip strength & mobility.

Pt. 2 - How to Massage & Stretch your Glutes/Hips.

The stretches and exercises in this video are ideal to do pre & post workout to activate and stretch your glutes & hips. If your glutes and hips are properly addressed, 90% of lower back problems can be alleviated.

Ankles & Feet

Pt. 1 - What/Why these are Important

Jamey explains here why your feet and ankle mobility could be the most important aspect of your body movement, what the main muscles in your feet are, and how best to massage them yourself.

Pt. 2 - How to Prep your Ankles for Movement.

Here you'll learn a simple but super effective way to prep your ankle for proper movement. Jamey also explains how improper ankle mobility and strength effects the rest of your legs.

Pt. 3 - Strengthening your Feet and Ankles

Here you'll learn techniques on how to optimize the strength in your feet and ankles which will help you strength your entire body and in exercises such as s...