My names Chris Poirier-Kim. It’s probably easier to call me Chris or CPK but whatever you prefer, great to meet you.


In case we’ve never met before, I’m a Tae Kwon Do Champion, Ninja Warrior Athlete, and a Super Sayian God in eating food, pizza and ice cream preferably . For about a decade I’ve been a Personal Trainer and Nutrition Coach for hundreds of people from coast to coast.


I designed the FatFit 50 Workout and Nutrition Program specifically for someone like you. With these workouts, I promise you that if you were to only do these for exercise for the rest of you like, your metabolism will improve, you’ll burn fat, and will get stronger. Not to mention your heart and cardiovascular health will improve and maybe even a six pack will start to show, maybe.


Real talk though, this workout program was designed for my online training clients to incorporate in their programs, but I decided to make it available to you too for FREE.


I say all this because I understand what it’s feels like to not know what to do when getting in shape and starting a workout routine. Therefore, as long as you are comfortable working out on your own, these workouts will work for you.


The Blueprint:


Each workout included in here is designed to be time efficient. Many of us can’t spend all the time in the world in the gym, some need to workout at home, so options are necessary. Each workout within here is meant to be completed between 10-45 minutes. Some are even short enough to combine 2 separate workouts for a full body fat burner.


The exercises provided are meant to be simple enough for a beginner to manage or an elite athlete to work through. They won’t be easy, but they’ll be worth it if you commit to this.


Just because one workout is described to be best done in the “Gym” or at “Home” that’s only a recommendation by me based on the equipment needed. I explain all this but I just want to be clear you can use whatever equipment you have at your disposal for each. No need to feel confined to one specific location. If you want to do one of these workouts outside, go for it!


Also, click the following link for access the the nutrition guide for a healthy food shopping and meal prep guide as well. It's separate from the workouts because of how much information is there and it would be best to take some time, read, and immerse yourself in the guide. But hey, theres fun pictures provided as well to help! 


Remember to modify anything to your best ability to complete if needed.


If you have any questions about this or need to ask me anything, shoot me an email at Chris@cpkfitness.com and I’ll respond between 48-72 Hours.





AMRAP - As Many Rounds As Possible

AFAP - As Fast As Possible

1RM - One Rep Max (Weight)

Ladder Reps - Adding or subtracting by one in an ascending or descending manner (1,2,3 or 3,2,1)

Reverse Pyramid Counting - Subtracting number of reps by greater than one (10,8,6,4,2)

Tabata - Perfomring 20 seconds of work, with 10 seconds of rest between exercises in a circuit of multiple exercises.

Full Body

1. Mac Attack: If you had one or several too many Big Macs, this will more than make up for all those excess Macros.

-       Location: Gym or Home

-       Equipment: Dumbbells or Kettlebells

-       Perform each exercise in order from 1-4 counting total reps of 25 for each exercise. Repeat using reverse pyramid counting until reps counting from 20,15,10 are finished and then you're done.

-       60 sec break after each round complete.

1.    Overhead Press

2.    In and Outs

3.    Pushups

4.    Goblet Squats


2. Brennan: Named after one of my best friends. You may hate him after this, which would be wrong because you don’t know him. But he is a ginger, so it’s okay because of that whole no soul thing.

-       Location: Gym

-       Equipment: Barbell & Pull-Up Bar

-       60 sec break between rounds.

-       5 rounds

1.    AMAP Barbell Bench Press (Bodyweight or 60% of 1RM)

2.    30 Sec Air Squat Hold

3.    15 Burpee Pull-Ups


3. Bosu Buddy: Bosu Balls are often misunderstood and under-utilized. But this is an all-inclusive program and everyone’s invited. This will challenge your balance and stabilization. Remember, keep your core engaged!

-       Location: Gym or Home

-       Equipment: Bosu Ball, One Dumbbell

-       20 reps of each exercise and for each side. Rotate through each exercise 1-5 to complete one round.

-       60 sec break between rounds.

-       5 rounds

1.    Squats

2.    Mountain Climbers

3.    Bicycle Crunch

4.    Renegade Row

5.    Burpees


4. Beach Dayz: Admit it, at some point you’ve fantasized about having your ideal body to show off on a hot summer day at the beach. You’ll need that type of motivation to finish this workout.     

-       Location: Gym or Home

-       Equipment: Dumbbells and/or Kettleells

-       Each exercise is done for 1 min

-       60 sec break between rounds

-       5 sets

1.    DB Row to RDL

2.    Burpee to Curl/Press

3.    Squat to Jump Squat

4.    Bicycle Crunches


5. iScream: Fun fact – after this workout you can have 3 scoops of ice scream            and feel better about yourself.

-       Location: Gym

-       Equipment: Barbell, Kettlebells, and/or Dumbbells

-       20 reps each, 30 sec rest between exercises, 60 sec rest after each round

-       3 rounds

1.    Front Squat

2.    Thrusters

3.    Burpee to KB Swing

4.    Pushups


6. Hot Pocket: This metabolic burner is quick, simple, and will burn any extra calories you have just eaten in the last hour. It only uses your body, so do it at work on your break.

-       Location: Gym or Home

-       Equipment: You

-       20 Min AMRAP

1.    15 Squat to Squat Pulse

2.    10 Jump Squats

3.    5 Plank Push to Pushup


7. Extra Cheese: Don’t lie, you enjoy extra cheese on pizza, nachos, burgers, something, or have fantasized why others do. Now even the thought of it calls for some extra calories to burn. Luckily, you have this workout that will challenge you to use your body in space. Regretting those extra calories yet?

-       Location: Gym or Home

-       Equipment: Suspension Trainer (Ex: TRX)

-       20 Min AMRAP

1.    10 Pistol Squats/or Squats for beginners

2.    10 Rows

3.    10 Reverse Lunges

4.    10 Chest Press

5.    10 Jump Squats


8. Linda: LISTEN! Behind every great man is a greater woman, or one that struck the fear of god in him. My friend Linda is probably the latter.

-       Location: Gym or Home

-       Equipment: Barbell, Dumbbells, and/or Kettlebells

-       1 min of work each exercise, 2 min break after each round

-       3 rounds

1.    Sumo RDL

2.    Push Press

3.    X-Up

4.    Reverse Sit-Ups

5.    Burpees


9. Karen: Home workouts can be very convenient and effective using minimal space. That doesn’t mean you still will be able to walk the next day however.

-       Location: Home or Gym

-       Equipment: You

-       In order from 1-10, 50 reps each, complete one exercises to move on to the next.

1.    Jumping Jacks

2.    Squats

3.    Lunges

4.    Dips

5.    Pushups

6.    V-Up

7.    In and Outs

8.    Scissor Kicks

9.    Mountain Climbers

10.  Burpees


10. Swoletron: Named after one of the most jacked people I’ve ever met, my friend Spencer calls himself Swoletron Prime, so just imagine how brutal this workout must be.

-       Location: Gym

-       Equipment: Barbell

-       Use 1/3 of your bodyweight on the barbell or a weight you can lift over your head at least 10 times comfortably. Perform these exercises in a tabata circuit for 12 minutes

1.    Thrusters

2.    Bar Hop Burpees


11. Kate: The original HBIC of all my friends. Here she is in the form of a workout so you can experience her in all her glory.

-       Location: Gym

-       Equipment: Barbell, Pull-up Bar

-       Descending Ladder reps of 10,9,8,7,6,5,4,3,2,1 for each in succession until complete. Finish ASAP.

1.    Thrusters

2.    Burpee Pull-ups


12. Heavy D: Named after the only girl to fight with Kate and live to tell about it. You’ll feel tough AF after finishing this.

-       Location: Gym

-       Equipment: Barbell, Pullup Bar

-       Ascending/Descending Ladder reps of 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,7,6,5,4,3,2,1. Rest as necessary. Finish ASAP

1.    Deadlifts (75% of 1RM)

2.    Pullups


13.  Fat Funeral: Sometimes we don’t have all the time in the world. But babies are made in one night, so your fat can be eliminated quick too. I’d suggest using a moderately heavy weight for this. The reps will add up quick.

-       Location: Gym or Home

-       Equipment: Barbell, Dumbbells, and/or Kettlebells, and Dip station

-       12 min AMRAP.

1.    5 Push Press

2.    5 Dips

3.    5 Burpee Climber


14.  FOF, Fat on Fire: This workout is LIT, as in your fat will be screaming for you to use a protein shake to put out the flames.

-       Location: Gym

-       Equipment: Barbell, Dumbbells, and Kettlebells

-       30 sec of work for each exercise, 30 sec rest between

-       5 rounds

1.    Deadlift (60% of 1RM)

2.    Burpee to Overhead Press

3.    KB Swing

4.    Hollow Hold


15.  Mina: For my Korean sista from another mista who isn’t afraid to tell you how she feels. This may make you feel her wrath.

-       Location: Gym

-       Equipment: Dumbbells and Pullup Bar

-       10 rounds

1.    10 Clean & Press

2.    5 Burpee Pullups


16.  Adriel: Sometimes you meet people that you just have to admit are damn good looking. Adriel, I hate you for that, but I’m all for more people looking as good as you.

-       Location: Gym

-       Equipment: Barbell or Kettlebells

-       60 sec break between rounds

-       5 Rounds

1.    20 Pushups

2.    20 Sumo RDL

3.    20 V-Ups

4.    200m Sprint


17.  IHY, I Hate You: Have you ever just wanted to punch someone in the face? If not, your much more of a saint than I. In which case, if you have, do this workout and you’ll feel much better afterwards and hopefully avoid any jail time. Lots of lifting stuff up and putting it down for this. Adjust weight heavier in the beginning for added pump.

-       Location: Gym

-       Equipment: Barbell, Dumbbells, Medicine Ball, Pullup Bar

-       1-2 min break between each round.

-       4 rounds of ladder reps of 3,6,12,24.

1.    Pull-Ups

2.    Bench Press (Bodyweight or 60% of 1RM)

3.    1-Arm Row 

4.    Med Ball Slam (10-30lbs)


18.  Ex: Sometimes we come across an ex-lover who we hope is doing well. Other times we hope they are living in a literally fiery pit of poop. If the latter sounds like you’ve been there, do this fat shredding workout to make sure when that happens at least you’ll look sexy AF.

-       Location: Gym

-       Equipment: Battle Ropes, Pullup Bar

-       20 sec of work, 40 sec rest

-       5-8 rounds

1.    Hanging Leg Raise

2.    Chin-Ups

3.    Push-Ups

4.    X-Ups

5.    Battle Rope Slams


19. Cheat Meal: The best part of some weeks. That reward after being so well disciplined throughout the week. Followed by the self-shaming talk of gluttony. To make yourself feel better do this workout. If you’re feeling really crazy, do it twice from end to beginning!

-       Location: Gym

-       Equipment: Dumbbells and Kettlebells

-       Finish each exercise in order ASAP. If you need to take a break, which you probably will, count to 20 and then get back to it.

1.    50 Sumo Squats

2.    50 KB Swings

3.    40 Butterfly Sit-Ups

4.    40 Leg Lifts

5.    30 Bench Press

6.    30 Bent Row

7.    20 Overhead Press

8.    20 Reverse Sit-Ups

9.    10 Burpees

10. 10 Jump Squats


20.  Mr. Steal Yo Girl: Guys, at some point we’ve all thought of talking to another dude’s girl. Unless that guy is a horrible human being, it’s not worth it. I believe you’re not a big D-Bag either. But on the chance you are or want to be, this workout will help sculpt your body so at least you look the part.

-       Location: Gym

-       Equipment: Barbell, Pullup Bar, GHD

-       30 Min AMRAP

1.    5 Pull-Ups

2.    10 Bench Press (Bodyweight or 60% of 1RM)

3.    15 Jump Squats

4.    15 Hanging Leg/Knee Raises

5.    20 GHD Sit-Ups (Or butterfly situps if N/A)


21. Mrs. Steal Yo Man: Ladies, you’re beautiful. So much in fact that you run the entire world. But if you’re trying to attract, or hunt, for a certain male, you must make sure you break their necks when you walk in to the room. So here you go, and thank me later.

-       Location: Gym

-       Equipment: Barbell, and/or Kettlebells, Medicine Ball

-       30 Min AMRAP

1.    5 Pull-Ups

2.    10 Sumo Goblet Squats

3.    15 Deadlifts

4.    20 Med Ball Slams

5.    25 V-Ups


22. Sheila: Shoutout to mom, who is never afraid to tell me what’s on her mind, as much as I may not like to hear it. Sometimes it’s what’s best. Just like this workout. You’ll want it to end, but it just keeps going.

-       Location: Gym

-       Equipment: Kettlebells and Pullup Bar

-       4 rounds

1.    30 Front Squat

2.    20 Push-Ups

3.    5 Muscle-Ups (Pullups if unable to perform)

4.    100m Sprint


23. Go F**K Yourself: This will make you want to yell the title of this workout at me. You’re welcome! Go heavier for the first 2 exercises of this if you’re legs feel fresh.

-       Location: Gym

-       Equipment: Barbell and/or Dumbbells

-       Ladder reps from 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,6,5,4,3,2,1 for each and ending with a 1 mile run to finish the workout.

1.    Deadlifts (75% of 1RM)

2.    Goblet Squats

3.    Pull-Ups

4.    Dips

5.    Push-Ups

6.    Hanging Leg Raises

7.    1 Mile Run


Upper Body


24.  Superman: The man of steel who has an upper body of the gods. If you feel more like Clark Kent, do this, and start popping out of that shirt your wearing to feel super.

-       Location: Gym

-       Equipment: Dumbbells & Pullup Bar

-       4 rounds, 2 min break between Rounds

1.    10 Incline Chest Press (60%-75% of 1RM)

2.    5 Pull-ups

3.    10 Pushups

4.    50 Jumping Pull-ups


25.  Angel Wings: Nothing says fit quite like a muscular back. I always like to say working on my wings when it comes to back exercises. This will help give you that look and grow you a pair.

-       Location: Gym

-       Equipment: Pullup Bar or Suspension Trainer, Dumbbells

-       Decreasing ladder reps from 12,10, 8, 6 reps per round. Final round is AMAP

-       5 rounds total.

1.    Pullups (TRX Inverted Row w/Elbows Out if unable to perform)

2.    Bent-Over Row

3.    Rear Delt Fly (No more than 15lb DBs)

4.    Supermans


26.  White Chocolate: My friend Norman could be considered a tall glass of milk if you ask his lady. He’s lactose intolerant so he may not appreciate that and may sour at the notion of this being here. However, you’ll appreciate this workout if you’re looking for something quick, easy, and will pack on the gainz.

-       Location: Gym

-       Equipment: Pullup Bar or Suspension Trainer, Dumbbells

-       Complete each exercise to finish one round

-       60 sec rest between each round

-       4 Rounds

1.    6 Pullups (TRX Inverted Row if unable to perform)

2.    6 1-Arm DB Row

3.    6 Wide Hand Pushups

4.    6 Chin-ups (TRX Curls if unable to perform)


27.  Hero: Complete this and you’ll feel like a super hero. Take your pick of some of the most iconic. Most are jacked and ripped. This will help you get there.

-       Location: Gym

-       Equipment: Dumbbells, Dip Station, Medicine Balls

-       8 reps each exercise, 90 sec - 2 min break between rounds

-       4 Rounds

1.    8 Incline Chest Press Press (60%-65% 1RM)

2.    8 Close Hand Pushup

3.    8 Dips

4.    8 Med Ball Pushups


28. Green Monstah: Wally the Green Monster or Oscar the Grouch, take your pick. Both look cute but at the end of the day are monsters, just like this workout. BEWARE, and go lighter on the weight for this.

-       Location: Gym

-       Equipment: Barbell

-       10 minute AMRAP

1.    12 Barbell Row

2.    8 Barbell Push Press


29. Averse: The best DJ I know and you never heard of…yet. His mixes are fast, hit you hard and have you moving all night. This workout may have you not moving all night. Same difference.

-       Location: Gym or Home

-       Equipment: Dumbbells & Pullup Bar

-       8 Minute AMRAP

1.    4 Rows

2.    4 Wide Pushups

3.    4 Close Grip Pushups

4.    4 Pull-Ups


30. Waltaaah: Fathers often times are figures of strength growing up and mines no different. All 5’1 of him is an example of heart over height. Don’t be fooled, he’ll still kick his foot up your behind. Again, don’t be fooled, your muscles won’t be.

-       Location: Gym

-       Equipment: Dumbbells or Barbell

-       15 Minutes

1.    5 Strict Press

2.    5 Pull-Ups

3.    5 Slow Pushups ( 3 seconds down, 1 seconds pause, 3 seconds up)


31. DDP: One of my sisters and I’s favorite wrestlers growing up was Diamond Dallas Paige. That guy was cool, crazy and could whoop your butt. This also sounds like my lovely sister. This movements here are meant to be done with speed during the work.

-       Location: Gym or Home

-       Equipment: Pullup Bar, Dumbbells or Kettlebells

-       Custer Sets of each exercise (Do half the reps, followed by a 10 sec break, then finish the other half)

-       15 sec rest between exercises, 30 sec rest between each round

-       6 Rounds

1.    8 Chin-Ups (TRX inverted Row if unable to perform)

2.    10 Pushups

3.    12 Rows (Underhand)





32.  Peaches and Cream: Men and women are more similar than most would admit. Many of our needs are parallel. Like wanting a nice butt for each other. Go lighter on the weights, trust me. Take breaks as necessary.

-       Location: Gym or Home

-       Equipment: Dumbbells and/or Kettlebells

-       Ladder reps from 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10

1.    Goblet Squat

2.    Lateral Lunges

3.    KB Swings

4.    S/L Glute Bridge


33.  Jumpman: I’ve always loved sports and often say basketball was my first love. This workout is great for improving not just strength but explosive power as well. Enjoy.

-       Location: Gym

-       Equipment: Barbell, Dumbbells, and/or Kettlebells

-       90 sec – 2 min break after each round

-       30 sec break between each exercise

-       4 rounds

1.    10 Deadlifts (60%-75% 1RM)

2.    10 Goblet Squat

3.    10 Bulgarian Split Squats

4.    10 Jump Squats


34. Bills, Bills, Bills: This one’s for the ladies. So, in reference to an iconic song by Destiny’s Child, this workout will help you gain the type of hump to make men want to pay all of your bills. I know your independent women, but it’s always nice to have options.

-       Location: Gym or Home

-       Equipment: Dumbbells & Kettlebells

-       Exercises 1-3 are 4 rounds. Exercises 4-8 are 2-3 rounds. Break 90 sec after each round.

1.    12 Goblet Squats

2.    12 Walking Lunges

3.    12 Sumo RDL’s

4.    20 Donkey Kickbacks

5.    20 Straight Leg Lifts

6.    20 Cross Leg Lifts

7.    20 Fire Hydrants

8.    20 Knee Circles


35.  Left-E: The second best DJ I know and brother of the best DJ I know has the type of gluteus maximus women have told me they’re jealous of. So, this workout will help you fit nicely in to those nice pair of jeans, pants, or new dress you have. Then you can visit them at TREND to jam all night looking good in your new wardrobe. Go a little heavier on the weights here.

-       Location: Gym

-       Equipment: Barbell or Kettlebells

-       30 sec breaks between each exercise. 1 min rest between rounds.

-       4 Rounds

1.    12 Front Squats

2.    12 Sumo RDL’s

3.    12 Lateral Lunges

4.    12 Squat to Jump Squats


36.  Jello: Leg day for some Is the most fulfilling exercise day of the week. For others, it’s a nightmare. So, if you like jello, this could be either for you, as in your legs may feel like jelly afterwards. You’ll thank me in a few days, maybe. Take as many breaks as you need.

-       Location: Gym

-       Equipement: Barbell and Kettlebells

-       Alternating ladder reps of exercises 1 & 2 going 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8.

-       KB Swings are done after reps 1, 4, and 8 of this for 3 total sets

1.    Deadlift (75% of 1RM)

2.    Reverse Lunge

3.    20 KB Swings


37.  Ice Bath: Athletes use ice bath’s as a way to help recovery after games, practice, or strenuous workouts. If you’ve never tried one, after this would make a great time to start. Take short, minimal breaks.

-       Location: Gym

-       Equipment: Dumbbells and Treadmill

-       Ladder Reps of 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10 for exercises 1 & 2.

-       Sprint every other round of exercises.

1.    Walking Lunges

2.    Sumo Goblet Squat

3.    200m Sprint


38. Sofia: A leg workout named after a woman?! You can guess as to why and what this focuses on, but I promise it’s simple. Give this a quick go on hump day and enjoy. Go heavier on the weights here.

-       Location: Gym

-       Equipment: Barbells, Dumbbells, and/or Kettlebells, Box

-       1 min break between rounds

-       4 Rounds

1.    12 Goblet Squats

2.    12 Sumo RDL’s

3.    12 Reverse Lunges to Step Ups

4.    12 Glute Bridges or Hip Thrusts


39.  Space Jam: One of my favorite movies growing up was too good not to name this workout for. Not only good for building strong and powerful legs, you’ll also jump higher and run faster with this. Use heavier weight as the reps decrease.

-       Location: Gym

-       Equipment: Barbell

-       Complete exercises 1 & 2 first as supersets with 90 sec – 2 min breaks between sets. Then do the other 3 exercise circuit for 4 rounds with 90 sec - 2 min rest between rounds.

1.    Squats: 15,12,10,8,6 reps

2.    Calf Raises: 30 reps after each set

3.    Lateral Lunges: 8 reps

4.    Jump Squats: 10 reps

5.    100m Sprint




40.  Cupcake Chaos: Burn off the excess cupcakes you like with this killer cardio workout. Do not eat cupcakes before attempting this however.

-       Location: Gym or Home

-       Equipment: Jump Rope, Treadmill or place to run

-       60-90 sec rest between rounds

-       4-5 Rounds

1.    25 Double Unders

2.    15 Jump Squats

3.    200 m Run


41.  41 Jump Street: Shoutout to my dudes at 41st Cassanova. Best video crew in the world and some of the funniest guys around. This workout is simple yet so darn exhausting. Cheers to fat burn fellas!

-       Location: Gym

-       Equipment: Treadmill

-       Repeat 3-5 times

1.    10 sec sprint, 50 sec rest

2.    20 sec sprint, 40 sec rest

3.    30 sec sprint, 30 sec rest

4.    40 sec sprint, 20 sec rest

5.    50 sec sprint, 10 sec rest


42.  Flash: In honor of the fastest super hero, this workout will help you with speed and challenge your cardio vascular system and VO2max. See ya!

-       Location: Gym

-       Equipment: Weight Sled or Prowler, Treadmill

-       Superset each exercise, 90 sec break between rounds

-       8-10 rounds

1.    Sled Sprint (1.5x bodyweight): 30-40 yards

2.    100m Sprint


43.  3811: These are very spiritual numbers for me. And this workout may make you want to have a spiritual awakening, because cardio will do that to us sometimes right?

-       Location: Gym or Home

-       Equipment: Heavy Medicine Ball or Slam Ball, Treadmill or place to run

-       Complete AFAP

-       11 Rounds

1.    3 Burpees

2.    8 Med Ball Slams

3.    11 Sec Sprint


44.  OCD: Obsessive Cardio Disorder plagues more people than you know, and now you have it. This will test your endurance, but I believe in you.

-       Location: Gym

-       Equipment: Battle Ropes, Treadmill

-       Superset the exercises and take 90 sec breaks between rounds

-       4-6 Rounds

1.    30 Battle Rope Slams

2.    400M run




45.  Money Maker: A nice, defined set of abs will always draw a crowd. This workout helped me start to build one, and I know it will you too.

-       Location: Gym

-       Equipment: Decline bench and/or with weight plate

-       Use weight for resistance if looking for extra difficulty, push reps to 20 for same.

-       60-90 sec rest between rounds

-       3 sets of each, complete first exercise then move to the next

1.    Russian Twist Sit-up - 15 reps

2.    Reverse Sit-up Twist - 15 reps

3.    Hanging Leg Raises - 10 reps


46.  Washboard: I feel super basic for this name, but I know you get the idea.

-       Location: Gym or Home

-       Equipment: You

-       16 min Tabata style circuit (20 sec of work, 10 sec of rest) switching between each exercise

1.    Bicycle Crunches

2.    Mountain Climbers

3.    X-ups

4.    Spider Plank


47.  Party Pack: Whether it’s a beach trip, house party, or just showing off, this workout will make your core and abs scream no more after your done.

-       Location: Gym or Home

-       Equipment: you

-       Take as minimum breaks as possible

-       Complete each exercise before moving to the next AFAP.

1.    25 In & Outs

2.    25 Bicycle Crunches

3.    25 Pistol Crunches

4.    25 Scissor Splits

5.    25 Butterfly Situps

6.    25 Leg Climbs

7.    25 Pulse Ups

8.    25 Leg Lifts

9.    25 Reverse Situps

10.  25 Leg Scissor Kicks

11.  25 Reverse Twist Outs

12.  25 Russian Twist


48.  Dirty Laundry: After completing this workout, make a joke to a friend they can do their dirty laundry on your abs. It’s super corny, but you’ll feel like it after.

-       Location: Gym or Home

-       Equipment: Ab Roller, Decline Bench, Stability Ball

-       60-90 sec rest between rounds

-       2-3 rounds

1.    20 Ab Rollouts

2.    20 Incline Reverse Sit-Ups

3.    20 Leg Lifts

4.    20 In & Outs

5.    20 SB Crunches

6.    20 SB Cross Climbers

7.    60 Sec Plank


49.  Cry Laughing: Your core will hurt so good after this you may shed a tear. Please let me know if that happens!

-       Location: Gym or home

-       Equipment: Hanging Bar or Vertical Knee Raise, Stability Ball

-       60-90 sec rest between rounds


-       3 rounds

1.    20 V-Ups

2.    20 Hanging Corkscrew Knee Lifts

3.    25 Russian Twists

4.    25 SB Plank Saw


50.  6-Pack Shakur: Last but certainly not least, a tribute who I believe is the Greatest Rapper Ever. For dramatic effect, yell out “THUG LIFE” or “WEST COAST” after completing this in his name

-       Location: Gym or Home

-       Equipment: Weight Plate

-       60-90 sec rest between rounds

-       2-3 rounds

1.    15 Standing Sit-Ups

2.    20 Overhead Situps

3.    20 Double Leg Crunches

4.    20 Bicycle Crunches

5.    10 Double Leg Circles

6.    60 Sec 1-Leg Plank (switch feet half way through @30 sec.)